The main purpose of luxury business cards is sharing your information that describes your organization and identity. If your business cards have a unique design and are produced with quality, they become a marketing asset more than just contact information on a piece of paper. In effect, you are branding rather than just sharing your information.

Along with stationary packages including letterhead and envelopes, Ultra Business Cards will represent your corporate identity with a great first impression.

The first business cards appeared in China, name carving on bamboo and evolved to printed on paper and then to a variety of material.  Plastic business cards, metal business cards such as stainless steel business cards, copper business cards, silver metal business cards, black metal business cards are the latest materials in the business field.  The shapes and sizes, however, vary from country to country and design to design.

Business cards in modern times showcases your confidence and pride rather than just a piece of paper with contact information. Intuitively expressing your brand, offerings of product or services, business cards are now the apex point of contact when you meet potential clientele.

Around 2000, new printing technologies emerged to produce high volume full color printing at affordable prices. Along with new business card materials, more luxury and premium business cards started to appear over the past few years because people realized a business card is the first point of contact in many situations. It became apparent that when presenting your metal business card, it played a major role in the first impressions one received. is a premiere online printer for luxury and unique business cards along with hundreds of print marketing products. Express your brand with confidence with sophisticated looks and present your brand like never before.


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